We offer customized 2-4 hour seminars which cover:

  • Understanding mental health and mental illness

  • Mental health and the community

  • Overviews of depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder 

  • Signs and symptoms of cumulative stress

  • Suicide: statistics, types of feelings and thoughts, warning signs, and prevention

  • Non-suicidal self injury

  • Destructive stigmas and myths associated with mental health and mental illness,

  • Communication skills, empathy

  • How you can help someone with mental illness

  • 8 Principles for Overcoming the Darkness®

Keynote Speeches

We provide numerous keynote addresses to countless mental health agencies, faith organizations, and community groups on a variety of topics including mental health issues, mental illness, stigmas, and recovery.


We share our personal journey of mental illness and trauma, and with decades of experience,  provided the audience with the principles for Overcoming the Darkness®, proclaiming the very real fact that mental illness are treatable, suicide is preventable, and that recovery is possible.

Overcoming The Darkness® does not dispense medical advice; therefore, the information on this site should not be interpreted as such. This is a training, educational and informational site which includes facts and opinions from published and original sources.  Overcoming The Darkness® LLC Copyright 2020.  All rights reserved

If you or someone you care about is thinking about suicide, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)