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Crisis Intervention Training and Implementation

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is a team of experienced officers specially trained, on a voluntary basis, to approach people dealing with a mental health disorder or crisis in a variety of situations in their respective communities.


The CIT is utilized in situations where the emotional state of an individual may be beyond normal patrol capabilities and training. These situations may include suicidal persons, persons exhibiting irrational behavior, handling psychiatric patients, the homeless, various mental health concerns and/or referrals, and any other situations that deal specifically with the needs of the mental health community and people dealing with a mental health disorder or crisis. 


CIT members are dedicated to preserving the dignity and safety of individuals who are struggling, and will take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of its members and the community. In addition, it is the CITs mission to ensure that each person dealing with a mental health disorder or crisis is cared for with understanding, compassion, and respect.


Our instructors bring a variety of expertise to CIT training, including:

  • Years of experience as CIT officers in their communities

  • Experience as a CIT Commanding Officer

  • Development and coordination of the CIT Basic/Advanced School, one of the largest police mental health training schools in the United States.

  • Implementation of award winning CIT programs

  • On-going CIT trainings for new officers

Our CIT programs not only provide training, but have a collaborative component between law enforcement agencies and behavioral health providers to ensure individuals living with behavioral health disorders get the appropriate treatment and get connected to services.  So, instead of arresting those living with a mental health disorder, we train officers how to communicate and de-escalate those in crisis in order to seek the appropriate level of care and connecting them to resources in their community. 


We are available for consultation and instruction to any law enforcement agency, including corrections, that desires to increase the level of understanding and response to the issues of mental illness and suicidal behavior within their community.

If you are interested in more information on CIT, or how to bring CIT to your law enforcement agencies, please Contact Us. 

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