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In these 2-4 hour customized classes, we provide training and insight to members of the community who respond and interact with people who are dealing with a mental health disorder or crisis.  Each seminar provides a deep level of understanding to those who are called to these often difficult and challenging situations.

Communication Skills/De-escalation

In dealing with people struggling with a metal health disorder or crisis, good communication skills are the most effective tool for de-escalation. How someone communicates, both verbally and non-verbally, with this person  will often determine how the interaction will go.  This seminar includes aspects of non-verbal communication, effective crisis communication skills, the importance of active listening and empathy, communicating with a delusional or hallucinating individual, as well as communicating with someone under special circumstances such as autism or intellectual disability


Suicide Intervention

"What should you do if you think someone is thinking of suicide?"  In these classes, we will touch on the basics of suicide intervention, warning signs, and how to ask the question about suicide, and way to help those dealing with this mental health crisis.


If you are interested in one or both of these classes for your community, CONTACT US  

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