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Family Wellness:

Shining the Light on Mental Illness, Trauma, and Suicide in Law Enforcement & Emergency Services For Families:

Similar to the course designed for law enforcement/emergency services, our instructors provide understanding for family members and loved ones in these challenging professions. We provide not only insight into what law enforcement/emergency services professionals face every day, but how family plays an intricate role in their mental wellness.  We put decades of professional and personal experience into this dynamic presentation, and provide a real-life, ‘no-nonsense’ approach to the issues of mental health in law enforcement, mental illness, symptoms of stress and depression, stigmas, communication skills, and suicide awareness and prevention among law enforcement officers and emergency services workers and their families. 

Family Wellness classes are 2-4 hour in-service or special seminars which cover:

  • understanding mental health, mental illness, and PTSD

  • the issues surrounding depression and mental health

  • warning signs and symptoms of cumulative stress and burnout

  • suicide, types of feelings and thoughts, warning signs

  • destructive stigmas and myths associated with mental health and mental illness

  • how you can help your fellow officer, emergency worker or family member

  • recovery steps

This class can be customized for Law Enforcement and/or,

Emergency Services personnel and their families.


To schedule a class, please Contact Us


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