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De-Escalation Skills,  Suicide Intervention Training

Seminars and Keynote Speeches

In these 2-4 hour classes, we provide training and insight to those law enforcement members or emergency services workers who respond and interact with people who may be dealing with a mental health disorder or crisis. Each seminar provides a deep level of understanding to those who are called to these often difficult and challenging situations.

De-Escalation Skills


In dealing with an individual experiencing an acute episode of mental illness or crisis, good communication skills are an officer’s/emergency services worker’s most effective tool for de-escalation. How an officer communicates, both verbally and non-verbally, with this individual will often determine how the interaction between the individual and the officer/emergency services worker will go. This seminar includes aspects of non-verbal communication, effective crisis communication skills, the importance of active listening and empathy, communicating with a delusional or hallucinating individual, as well as communicating with someone under special circumstances such as autism or intellectual disability

Suicide Intervention

A vast majority of crisis mental health related calls that an officer or emergency services worker responds to is related to suicide. This seminar offers an understanding of the issues surrounding suicide and suicidal behavior, and includes signs and symptoms of suicide, as well as providing a step by step approach in determining whether someone is suicidal and is in need of immediate mental health care.



We offer customized 2-4 hour seminars which cover:

  • Understanding mental health and mental illness

  • Mental health and the community

  • Overviews of depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder 

  • Signs and symptoms of cumulative stress

  • Suicide: statistics, types of feelings and thoughts, warning signs, and prevention

  • Non-suicidal self injury

  • Destructive stigmas and myths associated with mental health and mental illness,

  • Communication skills, empathy

  • How you can help someone with mental illness

  • 8 Principles for Overcoming the Darkness 

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Keynote Speeches

We provide keynote speakers for law enforcement and mental health conferences  on the subjects of police training in mental health and the importance and value of specialized crisis intervention teams within police agencies.


We also provide  keynote addresses to  mental health agencies, organizations, and community groups on a variety of topics including mental health issues, mental illness, stigmas, and recovery.


In addition, we offer insights on our personal journey of mental illness, and with decades of experience provides the audience with Principles for Overcoming the Darkness®, proclaiming the very real fact that mental illness are treatable, suicide is preventable, and that recovery is possible.

If interested in any of these engagements, please Contact Us

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