Communication/ Suicide Intervention/Mental Hygiene Law Training

In these 1-2 hour classes, Eric provides training and insight to those law enforcement members or emergency services workers who respond and interact with people who may be emotionally disturbed or in a mental health crisis.  Each seminar provides a deep level of understanding to those who are called to these often difficult and challenging situations.

  • Communication Skills: In dealing with an EDP or an individual experiencing an acute episode of mental illness, good communication skills are an officer’s/emergency services worker’s most effective tool. How an officer communicates, both verbally and non-verbally, with an EDP or with an individual experiencing an acute episode of mental illness, will often determine how the interaction between the individual and the officer/emergency services worker will go. This seminar includes aspects of non-verbal communication, effective crisis communication skills, the importance of active listening and empathy, communicating with a delusional or hallucinating individual, as well as communicating with someone under special circumstances such as autism or intellectual disability.   

  • Suicide Intervention: A vast majority of crisis mental health related calls that an officer or emergency services worker responds to is related to suicide. This seminar offers an understanding of the issues surrounding suicide and suicidal behavior, and includes signs and symptoms of suicide, as well as providing a step by step approach in determining whether someone is suicidal and is in need of immediate mental health care.    

  • Understanding the NYS Mental Hygiene Law: The Mental Hygiene Law governs the way people are treated by mental health providers and how people are brought to the hospital by others, against their will. This seminar will provide officers with a simple and relevant understanding of the law and how it is properly enforced, as well as provide officers insight into the law’s purpose and applicable use.   


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If you or someone you care about is thinking about suicide, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)